SunButter recently participated in GFAF Dallas, a Gluten-Free, Allergy-Free expo, where people could come in and try the products. Lauren Cochran, a Canadian Sales & Account Specialist at SunButter, explains that about half of the attendees were already very gung-ho about the spread, and half were just experiencing the delicious SunButter product for the first time at GFAF. They found themselves pleasantly surprised by the superior taste of SunButter. While it has the same look and consistency as a nut spread, it’s actually made from a sunflower seed.

It was gratifying to see that many people are already familiar with SunButter and the fact that it is a top 8 allergen-free food. They’re serving it at daycares and at schools, and now these same valued customers had the chance to learn SunButter has five flavors—and taste them all! The team enjoyed talking to parents who are so grateful that there is such a thing as SunButter—and to the people who were just looking for a cool new food.

To learn more about SunButter and GFAF, please enjoy the video.

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