Celiac disease is a hereditary autoimmune condition that affects about three million Americans, or roughly one percent of the population. People with the disease must avoid gluten. Those with gluten sensitivity, a condition that affects six percent of the population, should also avoid gluten. In addition, those with extremely rare wheat allergies must also remove gluten from their diet.


It is currently estimated that thirty percent of shoppers are choosing gluten free alternatives, and roughly forty-one percent of American adults believe that gluten free foods are beneficial for everyone. These numbers reflect a clear need for the availability of more gluten free products.


SunButter wants to meet that need and serve the gluten free community. SunButter’s facility and products are completely free of gluten. That’s why they are happy to be participating this year in the Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo, the largest event of its kind in the United States.


Any big lifestyle change is challenging. But the desire to live healthier lives is leading many individuals to embrace this dietary shift and learn more about products like SunButter. The Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo, which began in 2007, is dedicated to meeting the needs of the celiac community, those with gluten and food sensitivities, auto-immune/inflammatory diseases, and autism. The public is helped through vendor expositions, educational sessions, and online resources. The manufacturers are serviced through vendor expositions, marketing programs, and consultative services.


But it’s not only those with celiac disease who are pursuing these products. According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, as many as eighteen million Americans may have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or NCGS, a condition in which an individual experiences symptoms after eating gluten but does not fit the full criteria for a celiac diagnosis. If you experience troubling symptoms, it is critical that you get tested for celiac disease. For every individual diagnosed, there are seven or more undiagnosed.


To answer the call for more information and action regarding celiac disease and NCGS, SunButter is participating in the Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo. SunButter has recently been certified gluten free by International Certification Services (ICS). Customers will start seeing the ICS GF logo on packaging soon. SunButter is committed to offering alternative food choices to those with allergies and sensitivities. Their delicious sunflower seed spread addresses this need and provides a generous seven grams of protein per serving. The spread is perfect for sandwiches and inclusion in a variety of recipes. And it’s safe for people with peanut allergies.


SunButter Sunflower Butter is free from the top eight food allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, wheat, fish, and crustacean shellfish.  Smart consumers need to make a habit of reading labels carefully. All SunButter products are clearly labeled for common food allergens. If you are attempting to change your diet and have questions, you can learn more by visiting SunButter online today.

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