College tours can vary quite a bit from school to school. Some choose to show off their newly renovated library, others their impeccably manicured quad, while some may remind students of the school’s athletic prowess with a stadium tour. The one virtually universal element of a college campus tour, however, is a visit to the cafeteria and dining facilities. An impressive culinary offering, or a lack of one, can often make or break a prospective student’s experience.

The impression a school makes goes far beyond just the aesthetics of their dining halls. Ample variety and attention to the dietary needs of a diverse student body can go a long way towards ensuring students that the school has their best interests in mind. While there is still a relatively small percentage of vegan students, a study conducted by food service giant ARAMARK found that one fourth of college students feel it is important to have vegan options provided to them.

One of the chief reasons that dining halls have such an impact on student life is that many modern colleges require their students to purchase a campus meal plan. If colleges don’t account for the needs of vegetarian and vegan students, or even for students with food allergies, many students will be left paying for a service that they are unable to utilize. In 2015, the average student spent almost $4500 per academic year on their meal plan. It’s simply not worth it for a student to attend a college where they have to pay for food they cannot eat.

The good news is, it is no longer difficult or overly expensive for schools to adapt their food selection to meet the needs of their students. The ever-growing market for vegetarian and vegan oriented foodies has led to innovative products like SunButter to become more widely available. SunButter, a sunflower spread, is perfect for campus cafeterias that serve thousands of students each day. Not only is it vegan, but it is also free of the “top 8” allergens so it can be served in peanut-free cafeteria or dining hall. Even students who are not vegan can benefit from the availability of SunButter in their cafeteria since SunButter sunflower butter has more than 7 grams of protein per serving and contains more vitamins and minerals than nut butter.

Put simply, variety is the name of the game when it comes to college dining. Providing students with options to suit their individual dietary choices can lead to a happier, healthier student body. To find out more about the benefits of SunButter, be sure to visit us online!

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