SunButter Resources

SunButter K-12 Menu Planner

Menu peanut free SunButter for breakfast, snacks, and lunch. This calendar will help, and it includes a list of the recipes with grade levels, equivalents, attributes, and serving suggestions. View/Download  SunButter Menu Planner.

SunButter Farm to Table Video

Watch our SunButter Farm To Table Video

SunButter How to Introduce & Test SunButter Video

How To Introduce & Test SunButter Video for School Foodservice

SunButter Farm to Table Poster

SunButter Farm to School poster (Shown right) – Click here to Download 11x17″ poster, or Contact us to request a printed 20x24″ poster

SunButter Farm to School Coloring Book

SunButter Farm to School Coloring Book – Learn how SunButter is produced from farm to school. This is a great resource for the classroom. Download PDF Format

SunButter School to Parent Flyer

If your school is introducing SunButter, this flyer is a great resource to help families learn about SunButter and food allergies.  Download and print this to mail or send home to parents, link to this from your school’s website,  or send a copy via email.

SunButter School-to-Parent Flyer [PDF]

Made With SunButter Stickers

Use these stickers to designate foods that are made with SunButter and peanut free. (Print on Avery 22817 Laser/Ink Jet Round Labels – be sure to choose “Actual Size” when printing, not “Fit”) Stickers are also available for purchase on and

Made With SunButter Stickers [PDF]

Food Allergy Resources

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT)

Food Allergy Curricula Program For Schools (FAACT)
The teacher-designed PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, and activities in this free curriculum can be used to introduce your students to common food allergens and safety protocols while encouraging empathy for classmates with a food allergy.

Kids with Food Allergies (KFA)

The Safe Snack Guide
This list provides an effective tool for thousands of schools seeking to implement allergen exclusion policies and is relied upon by tens of thousands of parents, teachers and school nurses nationwide.

School Foodservice And Other Resources

School Nutrition Association (SNA) Allergy Resource Center for School Nutrition Professionals
As the prevalence of food allergies in children unfortunately continues to rise in the U.S., it’s become even more critical for school nutrition professionals to be knowledgeable and alert on how to accommodate food-allergic students.

The Institute for Child Nutrition (ICN) –  Food Allergy Resource Page
Developed in partnership with USDA, this website provides important resources for schools including guides and tools for “Managing Foods Allergies in Schools,” fact sheets, an online course, a policy guide from National School Boards Association, state and CDC guidelines and more.  

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
(formerly American Dietetic Association) Food allergies and intolerance.

American Camp Association (ACA)

Allergen Awareness Zone Allergen Kitchen Products

Meatless Monday K-12 Foodservice E-Cookbook

National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS)

National Association of School Nurses (NASN)
Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Myths Webinar

National Restaurant Association (NRA)
An online training program to help operators address food allergens.


SunButter Allergy Resources

SunButter is dedicated to making a top 8 food allergen free product. Learn more about our commitment. Learn More.