If you’ve shopped in any big box store recently, you know it’s back to school season. As students sail through their first days in the classroom, administrators and child nutrition professionals work behind the scenes to make sure every part of their day contributes to a positive educational outcome. Students who eat a healthy school meal are more ready to learn.

Administrators and child nutrition staff have a lot to consider when it comes to lunch menus. From cost and nutrition to the prevalence of allergens this can be a challenging endeavor.  While regional differences may affect costs and menu preferences, regardless of geography the end result has to be a nutritious meal that kids will love.

As food, labor and other costs of producing a school meal escalate school nutrition professionals face a tough challenge to keep their programs running without debt. .

In addition to cost concerns, school leaders also face other issues when they plan food offerings for the school year:

  • Participation: School meals generally must pay for themselves. The more students who eat school meals, the more money food service managers have to meet program needs. Any initiatives that they think might lower participation are a non-starter. This means that new offerings must appeal to choosy students.
  • Pressure to serve meals kids will like: Child nutrition professionals want to make sure they’re serving meals that students enjoy. If they think that students will be less likely to buy healthier meals, they will be hesitant to incorporate changes. In other words, taste matters.
  • School nutrition professionals have to run efficient operations in order to serve the greatest number of students in a short amount of time. Getting students through the serving line requires almost military precision; and foods kids love.
  • Savvy Customers. Regional menu preferences aside, menu planners look for student friendly offerings that meet not only the required nutritional guidelines and cost parameters, but the demanding pallets of their customers

SunButter understands these tough challenges and that is why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our product is not only healthy and free from the top 8 allergens, but also extremely tasty and appealing to all ages. And it is why you will find us served to students in schools, day care centers and colleges in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It’s a perfect school-safe solution to offer for breakfast, lunch and snack. To learn more about how SunButter could enhance your school’s lunch program, visit http://sunbutter.com today.

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