SunButter Local Farm

It’s incredible how much meaning we give to where someone grew up. For most of us, it’s our local, homegrown heroes who seem to loom largest. We can point to where they went to school, where they used to eat, the farm where they spent their summers working. There’s a sense of pride that goes along with having someone successful from your hometown.

Oddly enough, it’s the same feeling SunButter’s customers have. There’s something to be said for knowing exactly where the sunflower seeds used to make the spread come from. By choosing SunButter, you can ensure you are receiving a delicious, local product that is as All-American as baseball or apple pie.

But why exactly is “eating local” better? Too often it gets viewed as a catchy phrase used by trendy new restaurants. In reality it is an environmentally friendly, economy-boosting way to ensure you are getting a product with fewer food miles, higher quality and better taste than many leading brands who turn to sources outside of America. This reduction of the distance the food travels before it is packaged also means you will enjoy the freshest quality. We work hard to make sure there are as few steps as possible from the field to the table.

Buying American will keep our economy strong. That’s why all of our seeds are American-grown, with the majority coming from North Dakota and from the surrounding states of Minnesota and South Dakota. By using roasted sunflower kernel for our spread, we are able to produce a healthy option that is free from the top eight food allergens. It also has great protein at 7 grams per serving, good fats as well as more essential vitamins and minerals than any other nut/seed butter. Sunflower is a resilient, deep rooted crop which uses far less water to produce than other alternate spreads such as almond butter.

We love our homegrown heroes, and our homegrown food should be no different. SunButter is committed to providing a fresh, All-American product that is not only wholesome, but tastes incredible too. We are proud to help boost our U.S.economy while giving consumers a healthier option. For ordering information, click here!

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