Generation Z Simple IngredientsCurrent school and college age students comprise what most experts are referring to as Generation Z. This group of individuals is the most health-conscious cohort yet. As a result, Gen Z expects the whole story when it comes to what they put into their bodies, from where their food comes from to whether or not it is allergen-free and nutritious. As the college and university food service industry works to satisfy savvy students, they’ll look to new products like SunButter, a sustainable high-protein food that meets the dietary expectations of Gen Z.

As empowered, high-information consumers, Gen Z students take campus dining options into account as they make selections regarding their higher education. Food Service Magazine notes this generation values knowing their food is sustainable, vegan, and allergy friendly. Farm to table ingredients are also prized for their fresh and nutritional qualities. Campus dining facilities can expect students to ask about the quality and source of ingredients as they make food choices.

Members of Gen Z also expect transparency when it comes to ingredients, because many are living with food allergies or care about friends with food allergies. Simply reading a label or finding a food station marked “allergy-friendly” isn’t always enough. They want to know how their food is processed and from where it was sourced. Today’s students often opt for foods containing only ingredients they recognize. Many are interested in primarily plant-based diets, even for main sources of protein. Due to the western focus on meat-based diets, Food Business News reports many in Gen Z seek ethnic cuisine or diverse “build-your-own” ingredient choices.

To meet the dietary expectations of Gen Z students in university and college settings, campus dining services must find ways to provide foods that are:

  • Sustainable and farm to table sourced
  • Vegan
  • Snack-friendly
  • Plant-based and protein rich
  • Safe for those with multiple allergies
  • Flavorful and diverse

Higher education dining services that fail to meet these expectations may find students turning to alternative dining options or seeking schools with venues and product choices that satisfy their demands. Gen Z students are unlikely to settle for less when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

With 7 grams of protein per serving SunButter is a food that can be enjoyed as a snack or as a part of meals. Produced first by conscientious growers and then processed in a sustainable, vegan, and allergen-free fashion, SunButter provides its conscientious customers with the transparency they value. The delicious ingredient is also Top 8 Food Allergen Free so students can eat it without worrying about personal food allergies, or those of close friends.

Learn more about the nutrients naturally packed into Gen Z approved, high-quality SunButter spread. Visit our allergy and nutrition facts page today to better understand how SunButter satisfies the expectations and nutritional needs of young adults.

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