American consumers are known for their expectation of safe quality products. As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart is a driving force in bringing those products to Americans. The company is looking to invest boldly in their America at Work campaign by choosing to highlight 50 businesses in 50 states. And SunButter is their choice for North Dakota.
At its inception, SunButter initially hoped to offer a great alternative to peanut butter, but over their decade and a half, have become much more than a second choice. According to Justin LaGosh, SunButter’s Sales and Marketing Director, their company has grown 12-fold since they opened their doors for business, making them a “15-year-old overnight success story.”
LaGosh attributes their success to a commitment to safety. That’s why a main revenue stream has been as a food option in public schools. With 1 in 13 children suffering from food allergies1, many of which are life threatening, products like SunButter have made a real difference to hundreds of thousands of children and families across the United States.
Walmart, impressed with a commitment to quality on the part of SunButter and companies like it, has chosen to invest in the U. S. economy by committing to purchasing $250 billion in products supporting American jobs by 2023. That’s good news for SunButter and great news for allergy sufferers across the nation.
Lisa Nelson, a public affairs and government relations director with Walmart, explained the company’s motivation. “We can leverage our size and strength to help communities and help our country really grow our economy,” she said.
It’s not just Walmart singing the company’s praises, however. Doug Burgum, Governor of North Dakota, the number one producer of sunflowers, visited SunButter’s headquarters for the November 13 ceremony as well. And this achievement is more than politics or economics for Fargo mayor Tim Mahoney, who spoke of his personal experience with his son’s life-threatening food allergies.
SunButter offers a product that is nutritious, allergen-friendly, and contains no gluten. Its fifteen-year commitment to serving those with special dietary needs has never wavered, and this recent honor and growth opportunity is evidence of that commitment. To learn more about SunButter and its products, visit us online today!


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